1. Purpose: Provide free knitted, crocheted, fleece/soft fabric hats for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, brain surgery, burn wounds, etc.
  2. Criteria for the hats:
    • Must be hand made
    • Must be new
    • Preferably washable
    • Wool is ok but not preferred because some folk are allergic to animal fibers–plus wool yarns tend to be less soft
    • Any regular pattern can be used but check out the patterns on our website

    We encourage you to send us any patterns you would like to share. We can share them on our website or provide them to knitting groups who request new pattern ideas.

    We especially need some trendy kids patterns. Often that means making slight adjustments in adult patterns and being bolder with yarn colors plus adding decoration on the top of the hat.

  3. Ideas:
    • Softer yarns (such as cotton) are more comfortable.
    • Lion Brand MICRO-SPUN yarn is a very soft yarn (and is 100% Acrylic and Machine Washable & Dryable).
    • The new fun fur yarns are fun, soft and lightweight
    • Thinner, seamless, non-lumpy caps are good for sleeping and increased comfort.
    • Hats made with thinner yarn would be better for summer weather use.
    • Cotton is great for summer hats and warmer climates as it is cooler than most other types of yarn.
    • Most of our hat patterns work well with thinner, cotton yarns as well as with worsted weight yarns.

Everything I need to know is on the submission form but in summary:

  • I need to know the name, address, phone and e-mail of the person who made the hat being submitted. Don’t worry, this info is confidential and you will not get on a mailing list. I need this so I can maintain a donor list for my records.
  • I need to know what name or nickname I should put on the label that I attach to the hat (identifying the volunteer who made the cap). Some people use the name of their knitting group, other people use a nickname like grandma, knitting lady, etc.
  • And don’t forget, I need to know what the hat is made of (some folk are allergic to wool)
  • Also, please let me know the laundering instructions for the hat.
  • Once your hat is received, a tag will be made and attached to it with your name or nickname on it and listing the material the hat is made of as well as the laundering instructions. Your cap will be delivered, along with other hats directly to the nurses who are involved with the patients who have lost their hair.